Paradox has a mission to provide its customers with personalized service, to manufacture innovative and quality products, and to continually build a strong team consisting of our customers, employees, and suppliers. Paradox works with all parties as a team committed to move forward together, with one unique and common goal.

As a private company, Paradox is not driven by short-term profit or concerned with stock pricing.   The Paradox products are sold only through loyal distributors in over 100 countries.  Every year, Paradox invests heavily into research and development.  With a goal to constantly refine their products and adapt to changing technologies and new standards of living. The steadily growing R&D team at Paradox Innovation is continually challenged to create products that are innovative, easy to use, and stand out - both technologically and aesthetically.

Since 1989, these goals have driven the development of revolutionary products. Paradox started with an impressive line of motion detectors whose patents are still used in our products today. In 1996, Paradox introduced the Digiplex series of security systems, featuring encrypted expandable bus systems. In 2001, Paradox introduced an extensive range of wireless systems, including the award-winning Magellan all-in-one console.

Over the last few years, the focus at Paradox has shifted progressively towards software development. In 2007, Paradox revamped and shifted many products to new platforms, including the MG, SP and EVO series. Paradox also introduced advanced communication modules using GSM and IP, and in-field firmware upgradeable hardware. 

Lakes uses the Paradox range of Motion detectos and accessories throughout our instalation as well as the Paradox Alarm Panels on smaller instaltions.